one of my friend’s friend’s is having a justin timberlake/britney spears themed halloween party where you have to come dressed as a version of justin or britney

it sounds fun in theory but it’s like one of many halloween parties i want to hit up and because her house is really far away from campus, i’m not going to want to take the time to go there in one costume, come home to change into my other costume, and then go out again

plus i’m like REALLY excited for my actual costume (mermaid man!!!) so i don’t want to go as britney or justin but i have a feeling that my friend is gonna make me

idk i want to go to big halloween parties and meet new people but i also just want to hang out with my usual crew BUT MOSTLY I JUST WANT TO WEAR MY MERMAID MAN COSTUME EVERYWHERE AND NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH TWO COSTUMES

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clinically and unemotionally

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Cookies

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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24 hour slouchin

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i love my trumpet instructor so much oh my god

he’s helping me get SO MUCH BETTER like i don’t know what it is, there’s just something about his teaching style that really works for me

it doesn’t hurt that he’s so cute it makes me want to cry

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also this semester is going too quickly…next week they’re putting up the course guide for next semester

i’m not emotionally prepared to choose my last college classes

i’m so sad

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