I’m in Tahoe for a couple days and I’m not a big fan of lakes or forests but ugh it sure is pretty up here

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Is this a test?

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You two did something together that no one’s ever done before. You surprised me.

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He’d never admit it, but there is one person, one young lady with whom Jackson shared a real bond. One person who can reach him, who can save him.

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Albuquerque has meant the world for Breaking Bad. I can’t imagine Breaking Bad being anywhere else. I can’t imagine the show would be nearly as interesting as it is if it were set anywhere else. Just the cinematography and the look of the show. When I think of Albuquerque, I think of clouds, just those beautiful, floating cumulus clouds. The skies. These are the skies you just don’t see in Southern California. You really get the depth and the sense of scale in the desert in Albuquerque. On days when I’m out there on the set, the first thing I do is look out the window. If it’s a day with no clouds, I get really upset!
Vince Gilligan

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"break up with your girlfriend and date me": the thrilling yet pathetic saga of my current crush

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so one time my cousin wore shorts that were kinda see-through to school and one of her teachers said “cover up, I can almost see your underwear” so my cousin replied “well then I just won’t wear any underwear” and kept walking

role model tbh

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